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Abu Dhabi Taweelah Project connects to the municipal pipe network successfully

2021-12-10 18:03:55

At 18:00 of December7, Taweelah Project was officially connected to the municipal pipe network, marking the successful connection of qualified drinking water for the project.

After Group 1 produced qualified drinking water, the project team focused on the interface with Abu Dhabi municipal network. The project team carefully planned and cooperated with the owner to improve the preparation work for the grid connection of qualified drinking water and promote the grid connection of qualified drinking water of the project. At 17:00 of December 7, the finished water tank and interface valve of Group1 qualified drinking water connected to the grid were tested and tested by a third party. All indicators met the requirements of Abu Dhabi municipal drinking water, and the water was ready tobe sent to the municipal pipe network. At 18:00, Taweelah Project Group1 was officially connected to the grid.

The project is located near the coastline of the Persian Gulf about 50 kilometers northeast of Abu Dhabi. It adopts the world's most advanced reverse osmosis desalination technology (SWRO) and has a daily water output of 900,000 tons. It is currently the world's largest reverse osmosis desalination project. It is also animportant livelihood project in Abu Dhabi.