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Abu Dhabi Taweelah SWC Project produces qualified drinking water

2021-11-8 16:04:40

On November 4, Abu Dhabi Taweelah SWC Project produced qualified drinking water. After sampling and testing the water quality at the outlet of the potable water pump station, all indicators met the Abu Dhabi municipal drinking water standard, and the equipment, installation and commissioning passed the test of strict drinking water standards to achieve the major milestone of producing qualified drinking water.

The project is located near the Persian Gulf coastline about 50kilometers northeast of Downtown Abu Dhabi. It adopts the world's most advanced reverse osmosis desalination technology (SWRO) and produces 900,000 tons ofwater per day. It is the world's largest reverse osmosis seawater desalination project and an important livelihood project for Abu Dhabi. Through scientific, close and orderly construction organization, the project executive team completed the debugging work of 100 MIGD RO system from the beginning of film installation to the output of qualified drinking water at a record speed, which won high recognition and praise from the owner.