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Muara Jawa Project Organized Series of Activities for Chinese Youth Day

2016-5-10 16:13:08

Muara Jawa Project organized series of activities for Chinese Youth Day from May 4 to May 7, 2016, the theme is promote the spirit of Chinese Youth Day, boost youth power.

The project held a football match on May 4, the game quickly into the state after the whistle. The players didnt stop running although they were very tired. Winning or losing is not important; the important is the players in tribute to the youth, run for dream.

The project organized to watch and held a forum in the conference room on May 7, the workers expressed their wish to contribute their efforts to the Project like the Chinese military in Hunter School".

The activities enriched the workersamateur cultural life, enhanced mutual communication, relaxed the workersmood in a tight Working conditions, exercised strength and perseverance; let the workers feel hard and happy, collective and individual survive together. The activities fully demonstrated the workersthriving and Health sunshine character.